The admin panel can often tend to be pushed aside and considered an after-thought. This seems strange, because the most important backbone content is usually controlled there. It is true that it’s not economical to invest resources into improving an area of your website or app that the end-user or client won’t actually see, but it can be a headache to the administrators to deal with ugly, temperamental dashboards. These admin panels are the perfect solution to this problem. They don’t require a lot of resources, because the hard part has already been done. Whether you’ve built your app with HTML5, jQuery or AngularJS, simply drag and drop the elements you need and plug in your endpoints to make it come alive.


01.  Materialism

Materialism is a completely modern admin template, based on Angular JS and Bootstrap 3.  You can however, opt for an HTML version, where some Angular JS modules have been replaced with jQuery. Not only does Materialism come with countless plugins and modules, but it also provides the ability to easily choose between pre-made color swatches to make your admin panel suit your needs.

Materialism Angular Bootstrap Admin Template


02.  Materialize

Materialize is an admin template that perfectly adheres to google’s material design specifications. It is a multipurpose theme, so it has a huge variate of widgets, UI elements, plugins, and animations. Materialize can be used for any type of web application dashboard: custom admin panels, admin dashboards, CMS, CRM, SAAS. It can also be used for websites: CMSs, SAAS, CRM, HRMS, Support & Social portal, e-commerce, personal business, corporate.

Materialize Design Admin Template


03.  Paper

Paper is a vibrant, developer-friendly admin theme based on Google’s Material Design guidelines. The template is extremely clean, well-developed and very easy to use. Every aspect of this admin template has been carefully considered by the developers, from the radio button animations to the menu pop-outs. Paper specifically focuses on a responsive layout, and bright colors throughout the components.

Paper Material Admin Theme


04.  Fuse

Fuse admin template is not only beautifully material in design, but it is a total powerhouse in features. A few of the built-in applications include: scrumboards, calendars, to-do lists, file managers, mail, chat, and more! Behind the scenes, Fuse is build with Angular JS on the Angular material library, making it consistent with up-to-date technologies.

Fuse AngularJS Material Design Admin Template


05.  Materil

Materil admin is a powerful, yet lightweight Google material design, built on Angular JS. Materil is also integrated with Bootstrap 3, so it is highly documented, and easily adaptable. A nice addition to this template is that it comes with custom-styled, fully-responsive charts and graphs which align perfectly with the look and feel. You may not notice at first, but Materil has a unique pop-out chat window which slides in from the right that you can integrate with a chat library so users can communicate amongst each other.

Materil Angular Material Design Admin Template


06.  Material Admin

Material Admin is a super-sleek, very professional dashboard based on material design. This template has a complete set of widgets and components that you’ll need to create your custom dashboard, but it’s simple enough that you’ll be able to quickly customize your workspace to get started on what really matters. What’s unique about Material Admin? Checkout the demo to take a peak at the profile timeline. It is clean, card-styled, and makes a good use of the Font Awesome library.

Material Admin Bootstrap Admin HTML5 App


07.  RockOn

RockOn is a creative material design admin theme build on Materialize CSS. This template follows the material specifications so tightly, you may even confuse it for a legitimate Google application. RockOn has pre-designed ecommerce layouts with card-style product links and beautiful (and fully responsive) product landing pages to say a little something about your products for sale.

RockOn Multipurpose Music Events Store Template


08. Alpha

Although Alpha is also a material design admin panel, it has a more subtle and light colour scheme. In general, the components and less vibrant, yet still colorful, so Alpha may be a truly multipurpose template. It has everything we love about material design, yet it still preserved principles of classic design. Do you need to display real-time metrics on the dashboard of the admin panel? If so, Alpha has a nice collection of integrated bar graphs, pie charts, radar charts and line charts.

Alpha Material Design Admin Template


09.  MonsterAdmin

If you’re looking for a material design admin template but want something a little different, a little more unique… then MonsterAdmin is the perfect choice for your project. The screenshot you see below is only one out of FIVE custom skins that come in the MonsterAdmin package. So if you decide after a while that you feel like switching over to a lighter/more classic color scheme, the switch will be seamless. The cross-browser support of this template is key, especially if you’re planning on delivering this to a clients who may all use different browsers.

MonsterAdmin Material Template


10.  Triangular

Triangular is the hottest material design admin panel, built on Angular JS technologies and follows Google’s Angular material UI framework. One of the most valuable features of this template is the authentication capability, and the ability to set user permissions. This is extremely important if you are building an admin panel that will be shared across many users with different responsibilities. For example, you may need to restrict certain access groups from changing the server settings on the network dashboard.

Triangular Material Design Admin Template


11.  Outlay

Outlay is a material admin template built on HTML5 and CSS3 (with Bootstrap 3). The package contains 12 beautiful material color schemes, and over 40 unique pages. Outlay could be applicable in many use-cases, whether you’re building a management system, statistical dashboard, or application. It also has really nice mailbox themes with message labeling and filters.

Outlay Responsive Material Admin Template


12.  Este Kit

Estekit is an Ultimate & Multipurpose Material Design Admin Theme with a great design concept. Based on the flexible framework Bootstrap and a light popular framework Material Design. Estekit has a huge collection of reusable UI components and is integrated with latest jQuery plugins. It is very lightweight, easy and fully customizable that you can perfectly use for any kind of project. With 4 pre-made dashboards that will help you get started.

EsteKit Material Admin Dashboard


13.  Bluefire

Bluefire is a professional admin template for real life projects, and is intended to make your website’s admin dashboard look way more trendy. Bluefire was coded with HTML and CSS best practices in mind, so it will work seamlessly on all score sizes and browsers. Integrated with Bootstrap 3, it is ensured to help you seamlessly create your admin panel and adapt it to your needs. It also comes pre-loaded with a number of admin forms, menus, pages and plugins, so the theme will not only bring more style but also power to your site’s dashboard.

Bluefire business admin template


14.  Admina

Admina is a lightweight, material design admin template that will allow you to rapidly build your app dashboard. It comes with countless predefined dashboard components that can easily be “plugged in” so you can piece together your dashboard with the different widgets. If the purple is too bright for you, don’t worry! You can apply a different theme color scheme.

Admina material admin template


15.  WHMCS

WHMCS is a material design admin template with a more subtle look and feel. Because of this, it may be more appropriate for a daily use in many scenarios. You get more bang for your buck with this template because it is actually fully compatible with the latest WHMCS web hosting automation platform.

WHMCS Admin Template